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NM Beef Council Recipes

< 30 min

Hand-held and perfectly portable, these wraps are great on the go.

< 30 min

Cubes of steaks are threaded on skewers with lime and onion then grilled to perfection. A sauce of citrus, herbs and spices provides the finishing touch.

This easy wrap provides satisfying taste with spice rubbed sautéed Sirloin Tip Steak slices. Top it off with crunchy vegetables and blue cheese dressing.

< 30 min

In about 10 minutes you've got an easy, portable Mediterranean beef wrap prepared with common ingredients and fresh vegetables!

Let your slow cooker do the work, while your house is filled with the scent of cinnamon, garlic and onions. Serve over couscous for a balanced meal.

< 30 min

This is one of our favorite salad recipes, ready in just 25 minutes, this will be a go-to for quick & nutritious week night meals.

The preparation couldn’t be easier—just skewer cubes of beef Top Sirloin and red bell pepper slices. A spicy seasoning blend puts this recipe over the top. Perfect as an appetizer or dinner!

A breakfast win that everyone will enjoy. Put your steak or roast leftovers to good use in these easy-to-assemble breakfast beef tacos.

Homemade Ground Beef Breakfast Sausage is mixed with eggs and cheese inside soft doughy rolls and baked to perfection.