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NMBC Resource Guide
NMBC Resource Guide

The New Mexico Beef Council is helping boost the next generation of culinary professionals through support of the ProStart Program. The National Restaurant Association Foundation initiated this program and it is administered through the NM Restaurant Association Foundation. NMBC developed a Beef Grant program to support ProStart Teachers and students to enhance their use and appreciation of beef in meal planning and development. Teachers can submit their applications to be considered for up to $1000 reimbursement for their beef purchases. Through this effort teachers will be able to educate future culinarians on the product of beef and the use of it in their menus as they enter the world of foodservice. NMBC is proud to support teachers in their classrooms and encourage them in incorporating beef units into their curriculum. For additional information on the Beef Grant program, contact Patty Waid, NMBC Education Specialist, 505-250-4952, [email protected]

ProStart Program:

Interested teachers should contact Tom Schuch,. NMRA Education Director and ProStart Program Administrator at 505-343-9848, [email protected].

Teachers may order the Resource Guide by contacting Patty Waid at 505-298-9341 or [email protected]

Beef Grant Program - New Mexico Beef Council offers a grant program for high schools in New Mexico who provide coursework addressing food science, food preparation, nutrition, experimental foods and culinary arts. Classrooms incorporating ProStart’s two-year curriculum qualify for the beef grant program. Additional culinary-based programs may qualify as well. An application, accompanied by a description of your beef education curriculum/activities in your classroom, must be submitted to be considered for the beef grant money.

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