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NM Beef Council Recipes

Celebrity chef Hugh Acheson shares one of his favorite snacks, perfect for an at home tailgate, with this "as seen on" recipe that pairs chicken-fried Strip Steak with a hot sauce gravy.

Get the added benefit of protein with our take on a chocolate brownie. It's delicious and more sweet than savory.

Very Easy

Enjoy this protein-packed treat to get you through the day. The flavors of cherry and dark chocolate make this a tasty one-bite snack.

Try this flourless chocolate dessert recipe with one special ingredient, Beef tallow. Let's not forget to mention the Bourbon-Salted Caramel Sauce.

Complete any of our classic Cajun and Creole recipes with this tasty beef beignet!

A muffuletta sandwich is a Cajun favorite. Try this version in a bread bowl with deli corned beef, pickled vegetables and cream cheese.

Got a craving for a hearty snack? Try this knish recipe with flavorful beef, onions,and mashed potatoes baked in dough.

Mix store-bought Beef Jerky with a blend of nuts, seeds, and fruit to create a granola bar that will stick to your ribs longer than the rest. Make these to last all week or before an activity with family or friends.

This cookie is definitely worth a try! Creamy peanut butter and chocolaty hazelnut spread and highlighted by the smoky and salty flavors of beef jerky.