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NM Beef Council Recipes

Very Easy

Dive into this marinated, grilled chuck steak paired with flavors of the Mediterranean. Served with seasonal grilled vegetables.

Use Top Round Steak with Greek yogurt, cucumbers and tomatoes to make a soon-to-be family favorite Mediterranean style dish.

Try this quick and easy weeknight dinner. Whole-wheat pasta is served with beef Sirloin Tip Center Steaks and a tomato and olive sauce. This one will please the adults and the kids in your family.

A new twist on Pizza and its ready in just 30 minutes!

A meatball by any other name is still the same—and every bit as delicious. This Mediterranean-spiced beef kofta variation goes great with hummus, rice and tzatziki sauce.

In about 10 minutes you've got an easy, portable Mediterranean beef wrap prepared with common ingredients and fresh vegetables!

Lean Ground Beef, fresh parsley and cumin are formed into meatballs and served in flatbreads. Customize with your choice of chopped veggies and Tzatziki sauce.