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NM Beef Council Recipes

A muffuletta sandwich is a Cajun favorite. Try this version in a bread bowl with deli corned beef, pickled vegetables and cream cheese.

Umami alert! This Tenderloin Roast is paired with parmesan, tomatoes, mushrooms and red wine. Bring on the savory deliciousness.

Impress your party guests with these sweet and spicy bite sized beef ribs. Using Country-Style Ribs, chili garlic sauce and brown sugar, this recipe will be a big hit!

Impress you dinner guests with this French-inspired recipe using Rib Roast. Perfect for a special occasion or just a sit down family meal.

This show-stopper recipe will impress any guest lucky enough to sit at your table! The crunchy, salty crust pairs perfectly with the rich sauce made with mushrooms, shallots and red wine.

< 30 min

Preparation time: on LOW setting: 8-1/4 to 9-1/4 hours;
on HIGH setting: 5-1/4 to 6-1/4 hours

This recipe will have the kiddos asking for it again and again. I'd add Guacamole too, just makes things taste better!