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NM Beef Council Recipes

Very Easy

Smoked and roasted Tri-Tip is unexpected in a street taco. Try this flavorful version with your favorite toppings for a satisfying meal.


Beef's take on a classic Mexican taco-spiced braised beef served in crisped corn tortillas alongside a spicy consomme.

This might be the hottest recipe of the summer. Ancho chile spiced grilled Top Sirloin topped with jalapeno crema and a pineapple salsa and served as street tacos. Can't beat it.

What's the secret for great tacos? Try Tri-Tip Steaks, combined with an arugula-avocado mix and cashews for a Caribbean-Californian taste sensation.

Prepare your Pickled Red Onions at least a day before your plan to prepare this recipe.


This recipe comes to us from the 2013 National Beef Cookoff Craveable Fresh Beef and Fresh California Avocado category.