Beef Program Guidelines

New Mexico Beef Council offers a grant program for high schools in New Mexico who provide coursework addressing food science, food preparation, nutrition, experimental food and culinary arts. Classrooms incorporating ProStart's two-year curriculum qualify for beef grant program. Additional culinary-based programs may qualify as well. An application, accompanied by a description of your beef education curriculum/activities in your classroom, must be submitted to be considered for beef grant money.





  1. These funds are made available to purchase beef products to teach beef cookery, nutritional benefits and beef cut utilization.
  2. Beef education should include information covering the beef primals and the subprimal cuts derived from the animal.
  3. Beef that is purchased can be fresh or pre-cooked product.
  4. Beef may only be used in the classroom/food lab setting with the focus on food education.
  5. Funds cannot be used for school social events such at BBQ's, fundraisers or other school functions.
  6. It is required that the beef be purchased and then, upon submission of an expense verification sheet, with receipts attached, reimbursement will take place. It must be submitted for the 2019-2020 school year to the NM Beef Council by June 22, 2020.
  7. Receipts should include the name of the store, date and indication that beef was purchased. Original receipts or copies will be accepted.
  8. Purchases may be made over the course of the school year as long as all receipts are received by June 22, 2020.
  9. A new application must be filled out for each new school year.
  10. An application form and guidelines are available at or by contacting Patty Waid (Contact information in the attached form)

*Failure to follow these guidelines will affect the school's ability to receive fund in the future.

BEEF GRANT PROGRAM--Application package_rev.pdf




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