New Mexico Beef Council Digital Ads Named "TOP" for April 2017

Local Media Insider, a national online publication that reports on digital advertising, named the New Mexico Beef Council’s native ad campaign the “Top Ad” for its over the top click through rates.  Clicks measure the engagement of the targeted audience and their response to a particular ad.  The New Mexico Beef Council’s native ad campaign generated click through rates greater than .2% which is nearly five times that average click through rate of .04%.




The editor of Local Media Insider commented, “We like so many things about this campaign. First, it recognized the assets the client already had - food-related content with a fantastic visual component - and worked with this content. Native ads  for recipes are a perfect match with the media placement on the native ad network.  The click through rates are extraordinary, and finally, the codes were correctly placed so that "look back" clicks could be "counted." And the best flattery is imitation as another beef council is already copying the idea. Congratulations Marketing Solutions <the agency for the New Mexico Beef Council> for their good work.”

The New Mexico Beef Council has embraced digital and online media.  “We have found that the digital world is the best place to reach our targeted demographic,” states Dina Reitzel, NMBC’s Executive Director.  “We have revamped our website to better showcase our product, run a robust social media campaign which features beef recipes and last year added the digital and native advertising component.  All of these elements help us to reach the elusive millennials,” she adds.

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